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Tone Police 'speak the truth in love' badge #2Welcome to the Tone Police (#TonePolice) home page! For now we’ll keep it on, but at some point it may spawn its own WordPress site.

Who are the Tone Police (#TonePolice?)

The Tone Police came out of someone, perhaps negatively, calling Alan Fahrner (Traditore’s founder) the Tone Police Captain. Alan’s sense of humor, combined with another hashtag history that we won’t elaborate on here, led him to start the #TonePolice hashtag on Twitter, create the @TonePoliceCapt Twitter handle, and grab the URL.

But, who are the Tone Police? Well, as of writing this…just me…Alan. 🙂

But, assuming it expands…

The Tone Police are Christians who encourage those who “speak the truth in love” to emulate the Tone Police Commissioner, Jesus Christ, while doing so.

Tone Police Principles

Okay…these are a bit off the cuff for now so they may adjust a bit…but here are some Tone Police Principles:

  • Jesus Christ is the Tone Police Commissioner (Sola Christus).
  • The Bible is the Tone Police Manual (Sola Scriptura).
  • Metaphors can be carried too far. 🙂
  • The best definition for “love” in “speaking the truth in love” (see Ephesians 4:15) is Jesus Christ. The second best is 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.
  • The exception is not the rule. It is “the exception that proves the rule.” (Important to remember before arguing that Jesus broke out whips or Paul said he wished certain people would emasculate themselves.)
  • If an average true Christian would not consider something Christlike, it probably isn’t Christlike.
  • Be Christlike.
  • Have a sense of humor. 🙂
  • When it comes to humor: Laugh with someone, not at someone.
  • Tone Police Officers should encourage civility, not discourage accountability within the body of Christ. (We are talking about the eternal fate of civilians here.)
  • Tone Police Officers should not commit the infractions they are citing people for.
  • Tone Police Officers are human, so sometimes they will commit the infractions they are citing people for. Please let us know when we do and pray for us.
  • To God be the glory (Sola Deo Gloria).

How can you help?

  1. Pray for us. If you only do one thing, please pray for us, those we interact with, the church, and the lost.
  2. Like our Facebook page. Post on its wall. Share it with your friends. Make it a community.
  3. Follow the Tone Police Captain (@TonePoliceCapt) on Twitter. Get your friends to too.
  4. Use the #TonePolice hashtag on Twitter. (Please note that anyone can tag any Tweet with that hashtag, so not everything you see may be edifying. Following @TonePoliceCapt will be safer, but #TonePolice will be a way to converse.)
  5. Share the Tone Police web site address: (it points here for now).
  6. Join the force (please see “Tone Police Badges” below). If you are uncomfortable doing that then…
  7. Join the Tone Police Auxiliary (which also has a badge below!)
  8. If you join the force, respect the badge (also discussed in “Tone Police Badges” below).
  9. Allow the Tone Police Officers time to rest by not committing citation-deserving infractions yourself. 🙂
  10. Have a sense of humor. 🙂

Tone Police Badges*

Jesus Christ is the Tone Police Commissioner and Alan Fahrner (for now) is the Tone Police Captain, but we are recruiting officers!

So, if you want to be a member, please feel free to grab a Tone Police Officer or Tone Police Deputy badge. Not the type to join the force but want to support us, especially with prayers? Then become a member of the Tone Police Auxiliary. (We have a badge for that too!)

Respect the Tone Police badge. When you wear it you are representing the Tone Police Commissioner. Be sure to read the Tone Police Manual. Often.

Please click on the image of the badge you want. Then you should be able to right click in your browser to download it.

Tone Police Office badgeTone Police Deputy badgeTone Police Auxiliary badge

New bonus badges!

Thanks to a suggestion from a Twitter friend, we’ve added two more Truth Police badge options:

Tone Police 'speak the truth in love' badge #1Tone Police 'speak the truth in love' badge #2


More to come, but for now here are a couple of articles that are speak to the Tone Police.

Oh, one more resource. Not only can you use Facebook and Twitter to contact us (please see above), Traditore’s Contact Us page gives you even more options.

Thanks for visiting the Tone Police. Come by our station anytime!

*Credit for the Tone Police shield images goes to Badge & Wallet, who have a great site to order custom badges—including a great preview mode. I plan on ordering one once we’ve caught up after Christmas expenses. 🙂

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