How Soon We Forget

It probably comes as no surprise that leaving my home of eight years in Antrim, New Hampshire has, to varying degrees, been emotionally painful. As a whole my mind is busy on other things, but when it is allowed to slow down (for instance, early in the morning or late in the evening) a certain level of depression and regret can set in. I've also found that even reflecting on inconsequential items back home in that small town can bring those feelings to the forefront. For example, this afternoon at work, as I thought about walking across our springtime-wet dirt driveway to the mailbox across the street, the sadness set in because, for all intents and purposes, I will never do that again. That existence is gone.

However, as I was driving home tonight, I also recalled how a few times snuggling with Augie I thought to myself, "If everything in my life went terrible from now on, this would be enough." Perhaps you've had similar experiences? The day your beau went on bended knee and asked you to marry him? The moment that you held your newborn child for the first time? The occasion where you finally completely escaped work, e-mail, and cell phone and napped on that exotic beach?

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Who Knows?


How many people have heard that word as a declaration of exasperation? Now, change the punctuation…


And the exasperation graduates to anger. Go one step further and put it in the mouth of a teenager…and a parent might best translate it as a two word obscene utterance (where the kid can get the same effect without the same punishment).

Often one or two words can communicate an amazing amount—and I'm not speaking of curse words. Ordinary words. Simple statements or questions.

One biblical case that especially intrigues me is "Who knows?"

The first time I remember noticing it was while preparing a sermon on what the questions in the book of Jonah tell us about God. In that case our reluctant (rebellious) prophet finally told the Ninevites what was in store for them. Then… Continue reading Who Knows?

“Mighty Mouse come down and save the day…”

Mighty Mouse

(October 19, 2010 for October 24, 2010)

Today was day two of week two of my “Couch Potato to 5K” running program…and I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that twenty minutes filled with repeating periods of jogging ninety seconds and walking two minutes is so exhausting for me–by the time I reach the final jogging cycle I’m pretty much spent. I was pleasantly surprised this morning, just as the last interval began, to have Tesla’s “Mighty Mouse” start playing through my headset. It’s a favorite song for both Michael and me, and was a perfect tune to provide motivation through that last painful minute and a half.

Was it luck? Coincidental timing?

God causing my iPhone’s shuffle mode to play the song I needed just as I needed it?

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Providence In the Form of a Woman

Providence In the Form of a Woman


What is your favorite book of the Bible? The one that you most connect with? Are most inspired by? Gives you the most comfort?

For me it is John, although Acts is also high up on my list…and Romans is pretty impressive.


Anybody choose Esther? Anybody know anyone who would choose Esther?

As a quick aside…if you heard someone was named Esther…how old would assume the person would be? Today the name is probably no more popular than the book.


Yet it is a tremendous read–a short book that has all the makings of a great story…intrigue, courtyard intrigue, surprise twists, beautiful women (good and bad), and a happy ending…

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