2010 Sermons

Here are Alan's sermons from 2010. You can navigate to all sermons from visiting our main sermon page.

(To download a sermon, click on it’s title or the play button beside it…that will reveal…and start…a player with a download link…well…unless you have JavaScript turned off in which case you’ll want to right-click the title and do a “Save target as” or the like.)

Sermon Speaker Date
Symphony of Christ, 4th Movement: The Culmination Alan Fahrner December 19, 2010
Symphony of Christ, 3rd Movement: The Incarnation Alan Fahrner December 12, 2010
Symphony of Christ, 2nd Movement: The Anticipation Alan Fahrner December 5, 2010
Symphony of Christ, 1st Movement: The Promise Alan Fahrner November 28, 2010
Bekah, Thanksgiving, and Judgment in a Triad Alan Fahrner November 21, 2010
Doubt in a Triad Alan Fahrner November 7, 2010
The Ghost and Mrs. Muir Alan Fahrner October 24, 2010
Whose Table? Alan Fahrner October 10, 2010
Time in a Bottle Alan Fahrner October 3, 2010
Harvest Laborers Alan Fahrner August 19, 2010
A Fig and a Whale Alan Fahrner September 12, 2010
Kenley’s Sermon on Jonah Alan Fahrner September 5, 2010
Kingdom of God Alan Fahrner August 15, 2010
Homosexuality Alan Fahrner August 8, 2010
Your Deafness is a Shout Alan Fahrner August 1, 2010
Marriage is a Privilege? Alan Fahrner July 25, 2010
Clay or Butter? Alan Fahrner July 11, 2010
Half-Baked Alan Fahrner June 20, 2010
Trudy’s Sermon on Wrath Alan Fahrner June 6, 2010
No More Tears Alan Fahrner May 16, 2010
No Man Can Know Alan Fahrner May 2, 2010
Why, Why, Why? Alan Fahrner April 18, 2010
Bargaining With the Gods Alan Fahrner April 11, 2010
Fear of Flying Alan Fahrner March 28, 2010
WDJD: (In)Tolerance Alan Fahrner March 21, 2010
A Brief History of the Paraclete Alan Fahrner March 7, 2010
Out of Nothing Alan Fahrner February 21, 2010
Do a Good Turn Daily Alan Fahrner February 7, 2010
Just In Case Alan Fahrner January 24, 2010
When Sacrifice is an Abomination Alan Fahrner January 10, 2009


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