2009 Sermons

Here are Alan's sermons from 2009. You can navigate to all sermons from visiting our main sermon page.

(To download a sermon, click on it’s title or the play button beside it…that will reveal…and start…a player with a download link…well…unless you have JavaScript turned off in which case you’ll want to right-click the title and do a “Save target as” or the like.)

Sermon Speaker Date
Money (That’s What I Want) Alan Fahrner December 20, 2009
Unequally Yoked (Part 2) Alan Fahrner December 6, 2009
Unequally Yoked (Part 1) Alan Fahrner November 29, 2009
Understand the Loaves Alan Fahrner November 15, 2009
You Are Members of the Devil’s Household Alan Fahrner October 18, 2009
When God (Finally) Speaks Clearly Alan Fahrner September 20, 2009
There is More Than One Way of Offering Sacrifice to Fallen Angels Alan Fahrner August 23, 2009
Eternal Alan Fahrner August 16, 2009
Washed in the Blood of the Lamb Alan Fahrner July 12, 2009
Providence In the Form of a Woman Alan Fahrner June 7, 2009
Inclusivism Alan Fahrner May 31, 2009
WDJD: The Gospel Alan Fahrner April 19, 2009
WDJD: Prolegomena Alan Fahrner March 15, 2009


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