Dear Least Important Church…

Yosemite Valley ChapelOn January 8th, 2012, I began a 11-sermon series called, “Dear Least Important Church…” A new job 3,000 miles away interrupted the series, and now I’m completing it in the beginning of 2014.

In it, I am going through Paul’s letter to the Colossians, not quite verse-by-verse…but letting the text lead the topics discussed, and trying to explain more difficult passages.

Below are the titles of the sermons (hopefully they’ll spark some interest), the dates they are due to be preached (the later ones may change), and a simple way to play them without leaving the page.

I preach live at 11AM Eastern very Sunday on Traditores Radio.

If tuning in live isn’t realistic, then you can listen by downloading the talks or subscribing to the podcast. Also, starting at 5PM the Sunday of a given talk, that week’s sermon is broadcast at 5PM, 7AM, and noon Eastern the week on Traditores Radio.

TalkVersesSermon Title*Date
1 Col 1:1-2 Dear Least Important Church... Jan 8, 2012 Listen
2 Col 1:3-14 Reacting to the News Jan 15, 2012 Listen
3 Col 1:15-23 The Invisible Materializing Jan 22, 2012 Listen
4 Col 1:24-2:5 Mystery Theater Jan 29, 2012 Listen
5 Col 2:6-15 The Debt Collector is Calling Feb 5, 2012 Listen
Extra   Don’t Let an Earthquake Stop You** Feb 12, 2012 Listen
6 Col 2:16-23 Don't Be a Sucker Jan 5, 2014 Listen
7 Col 3:1-11 Where You Once Walked Jan 12, 2014 Listen
8 Col 3:12-17 Clothing for a Name Jan 19, 2014 Listen
9 Col 3:18-4:1 Eye-Service and the Fear of the Lord Feb 9, 2014 Listen
10 Col 4:2-6 Salty Speech TBD
11 Col 4:7-18 Maybe it is Better to Be Forgotten TBD

*Click on a sermon title to view the sermon notes (which also have inline players for the sermon audio).
**”Don’t Let an Earthquake Stop You” is the parting sermon I gave to the Antrim Church of Christ before I left for California.

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