Christian podiumWell, here you have it…you can listen to Alan speak of that which he most loves speaking of—Jesus 🙂

(Well…of God, whether the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit…)

Sermons for 2011 & 2012 are available here, from 2010 are available here, and from 2009 here.

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2017 Sermons

Sermon Speaker Date
Stop and Smell the Roses Alan November 11, 2018
God Relenting of Good (Redux) Alan November 4, 2018
You Are on a Limo to…? Alan October 21, 2018
Connections Alan October 7, 2018
He Knows When You Are Sleeping Alan September 23, 2018
Eye-Service and the Fear of the Lord (Redux) Alan September 16, 2018
Jesus Derangement Syndrome Alan September 9, 2018
Why, Why, Why (Redux) Alan August 26, 2018
When the Hail Comes Alan August 19, 2018
Bargaining with the Gods (Redux) Alan July 15, 2018
One Question for Jesus Alan July 15, 2018
A Grumpy Person’s Kryptonite (Redux) Alan June 24, 2018
Just in Case (Redux) Alan June 10, 2018
“You’re Not Special” Alan June 3, 2018
The Hand of God (Redux) Alan May 6, 2018
You Still Don’t Know Me? Alan April 29, 2018
Clay or Butter (Redux) Alan April 22, 2018
10, 2, 1 Alan April 15, 2018
“Sing, Sing a Song” Alan April 8, 2018
Missing the Bus (Redux) Alan April 1, 2018
Sati Alan March 25, 2018
Ockham’s Razor (Redux) Alan March 18, 2018
“You Keep Lyin’ When You Oughta Be Truthin’” Alan March 11, 2018
Evil Walks Alan March 4, 2018
Hope Alan February 25, 2018
Fear of Flying (Redux) Alan February 4, 2018
“All You Need Is Love” Alan January 28, 2018
Of Coarse Alan January 14, 2018
Symphony of Christ, 4th Movement: The Culmination (Redux) Alan January 7, 2018

2017 Sermons

Sermon Speaker Date
Symphony of Christ, 2nd Movement: The Anticipation (Redux) Alan December 10, 2017
Symphony of Christ, 1st Movement: The Promise (Redux) Alan December 10, 2017
“There Is a Sickness in People That Stops Them from Seeing the Truth” Alan November 26, 2017
Two or Three Witnesses Alan November 19, 2017
Getting to Know You Alan November 12, 2017
Passing the Point of No Return (Redux) Alan November 5, 2017
I Am the Resurrection Alan October 29, 2017
You Have Said So Alan October 22, 2017
WWDJD: Prayer (According to Mark) Alan October 8, 2017
Women and Children First Alan October 1, 2017
Does God Regret or Relent? Alan September 24, 2017
Family Alan September 17, 2017
Anthony’s Sermon on Why and How Is God…God (Part 3) Alan September 10, 2017
Anthony’s Sermon on Why and How Is God…God (Part 2) Alan September 3, 2017
Anthony’s Sermon on Why and How Is God…God (Part 1) Alan August 27
Is Jesus God? Alan August 13
You’re a God Alan August 6, 2017
Do Christians Need to Tithe? No. Alan July 30, 2017
“Short People Got No Reason…” Alan July 23, 2017
Who Are You to Pass Judgment on the Servant of Another? (Part 2) Alan July 16, 2017
Who Are You to Pass Judgment on the Servant of Another? (Part 1) Alan July 9, 2017
Elders, Prayer, and Anointing Alan July 2, 2017
Augie’s Sermon on Death Alan June 25, 2017
Divine Compliments Alan June 18, 2017
I Have Been Such a Jerk Alan June 11, 2017
Doing Wrong Is Like a Joke to a Fool Alan June 4, 2017
God’s Heart or a Warrior’s Heart? Alan May 28, 2017
The Calvary Is Coming Alan May 21, 2017
Augie’s Sermon on the Slender Man Alan May 14, 2017
Bibles and Temples Alan May 7, 2017
He’s Got Your Back Alan April 30, 2017
A Teachable Moment Since Abel Alan April 23, 2017
Running on Empty (Redux) Alan April 16, 2017
And Then There Were None (Redux) Alan April 9, 2017
Rational(izing) Beings Alan April 2, 2017
Revenge Versus Reality (Part 2) Alan March 26, 2017
Revenge Versus Reality (Part 1) Alan March 12, 2017
The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree Alan March 5, 2017
Children: Milton Berle Versus the Bible Alan February 26, 2017
“If I Could Turn Back Time” Alan February 19, 2017
And When You Pray… (Part 2) Alan February 12, 2017
And When You Pray… (Part 1) Alan February 5, 2017
When the Mob Comes Alan January 29, 2017
Who Would You Kill? Alan January 22, 2017
Half-Baked (Again) Alan January 15, 2017
Allow Yourself to Be Pleasantly Surprised Alan January 8, 2017
Returning to the First New Year’s Day Alan January 1, 2017

2016, 2015 & 2014 Sermons

Sermon Speaker Date
Baby Jesus, Did You Know? Alan December 25, 2016
Anticipating the Arrival Alan December 18, 2016
The Reunion Alan December 11, 2016
I Didn’t Do It! Alan December 4, 2016
Do You Understand? Alan November 27, 2016
Gotta Serve Somebody Alan November 20, 2016
Now That It Is Over Alan November 13, 2016
Damien and Augie’s Sermon on Angels Alan November 6, 2016
You Just Can’t Win Alan October 30, 2016
You Are Not Alone Alan October 23, 2016
Light as a Feather Alan October 16, 2016
How You Should Vote in 2016 Alan October 9, 2016
Noah’s Sermon on Our Resurrection Alan October 2, 2016
Augie’s Sermon on the Second Coming Alan September 25, 2016
Augie’s Sermon on the Cross Alan September 18, 2016
Time in a Bottle (Redux) Alan September 11, 2016
I Promise Alan September 4, 2016
You Have Been Warned Alan August 28, 2016
“We Can’t Do It Alone” Alan August 21, 2016
When Kings (Should) Go Off to War Alan April 17, 2016
Now that You Have Blown It Alan January 10, 2016
The Gospel According to Colt Ford Alan May 24, 2015
“The Baby Jesus Is Going to Open His Eyes” Alan December 28, 2014
Cognitive Dissonance (“Lord, Lord”) Alan June 1, 2014
But Who Do You Say that I Am? Alan May 5, 2014
A Wedding and a Funeral Alan April 13, 2014
Eye-Service and the Fear of the Lord Alan February 9, 2014
Clothing for a Name Alan January 19, 2014
Where You Once Walked Alan January 12, 2014
Don’t Be a Sucker Alan January 5, 2014

2013 Sermons

Sermon Speaker Date
“Mary Had a Little Lamb” Remixed Alan December 29, 2013
Learning to Fly Alan December 22, 2013
Pondering with Mary Alan December 15, 2013
Yeah, Well, Consider the Source Alan December 8, 2013
God Will Alan December 1, 2013
Ya Got Trouble Alan September 22, 2013
Please Return to the catholic Church
(Sorry, the audio has some interference.)
Alan September 15, 2013
Steppin’ Stone Alan September 8, 2013
If It Wasn’t for Bad Luck… Alan August 4, 2013
My Very Last Sermon Ever Alan March 10, 2013
And Who Is My Brother? Alan February 24, 2013
Oops There Goes Another Rubber Tree Plant Alan January 13, 2013
Adoption at the Cross Alan January 6, 2013

Please feel free to contact us with any thoughts or questions. Perhaps it should be noted that Alan hasn’t actually been trained to preach…so please be kind. 🙂

Oh…and Alan also posts his sermon notes if you are interested…

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