Traditores Higher Frequency

Traditores Higher Frequency

Traditores Higher FrequencyWelcome to, the home page for Traditores Higher Frequency, a new radio program provided by Traditores and Traditores Church of Christ.

PLEASE NOTE: Traditores Higher Frequency is on a temporary hiatus…hoping to return March of 2016.

Our speaker is Alan Fahrner, a Church of Christ pastor* who lives in Strasburg, Colorado with his wonderful wife, Michelle, his blessing of a son, Augie, two cats (Sunny and Granite) and two dogs (Bear and Gloria).  (Alan also has three other great children, April, Jenn, and Michael who are all grown up 🙂 and living back east.)

Starting Sunday, October 11, Traditores Higher Frequency will be broadcast weekly on WRMI via their shortwave signal on 11,580 kHZ at 0100 UTC…which is Saturday at 9PM Eastern (8PM when the time changes). That shortwave signal is pointed at North America and Europe, but listening options will expand…as may the length of the program. At a minimum you’ll also be able to listen to it as a podcast and on Traditores Radio.

What exactly is Traditores High Frequency?

As will described on WMRI’s program listing:

Facilitated by Church of Christ pastor Alan Fahrner, Traditores Higher Frequency is weekly program that wants all people to find truth, comfort, and salvation through faith in Jesus Christ without telling anyone what to believe. Instead, we point to Jesus by way of Scripture, trusting each individual’s own ability, aided by the Holy Spirit, to discover what the Bible teaches.

More information is available at

It’s a brand new broadcast, so it’ll morph as the audience desires and the Spirit leads. 🙂

How do I listen?

Glad you asked! 🙂

  • Tune your shortwave radio into WRMI on 1,580 kHZ at 0100 UTC…which is Saturday at 9PM Eastern (8PM when the time changes)
  • On your smartphone or computer, tune into Traditores Radio at 0100 UTC (see how that converts directly above)
  • Subscribe via:
    iTunes Subscribe via iTunes or other audio player Subscribe via RSS
  • Listen or download on our episodes page or list of broadcast notes.

Please pray for us (and Alan specifically) as we step into this new opportunity. Praise God for giving us the chance!

Oh, and please bookmark…it’ll always point to the official site for Traditores Higher Frequency. Shout out to my good friend Jack Kapanka for thinking up the program name!

P.S. What is shortwave radio?

This gives a good explanation: “FAQs About Shortwave Radio.”

Don’t have one? My recommendation is one from Tecsun, Sangean, CCrane, or Kaito. I (Alan) probably lean toward Tecsun for the quality/price combo (and own a few of them including the amazing PL-880). You can find all four brands on, and CCrane and Kaito allow you to buy them off their sites. With Tecsun, is fine, but I have found Anna at to be so ridiculously good at customer service that I prefer to to order from her and have it shipped from China. The two I’ve done that with came within a week.

Also, as a shout out to Kaito, they are the U.S. supplier of Tecsun and have provided me great support and service, even when it is making up for my own stupidity. 🙂

Finally, before you buy one search via Google for the brand and model with the word “review” and see what you find (e.g. “Tucson PL-880 review”). The two sites I like most for this are and…and you may even want to start on those sites to help choose a model. There is no perfect model, but you get so much for your money nowadays.

*Alan is the former pastor of the Antrim Church of Christ, a family he greatly misses. He is not actively pastoring a church in Colorado yet, but will once/if the Lord calls again.