Traditores In-One-Year Wordpress Plugin

Traditores In-One-Year

Traditores In-One-Year WordPress PluginThis is a bit of a placeholder page for Traditores In-One-Year, our first WordPress plugin.  (It allows you to put a Bible reading plan into a WordPress page or post.)


Although the best way to install is within WordPress (search for “Traditores”), you can also get the source from here:

For now, if you have any questions, issues, suggestions, etcetera…please contact us using the form below.

How to Use

You’ve installed it, now you wonder, “How do I use it?” Traditores In-One-Year has a reasonably extensive help file that you can view by turning it on (don’t worry, by default it does nothing), going to its settings:

Traditores In-One-Year settings location

Choosing the help drop-down on the top-right:

Finding the help tab

And then choosing the help tab you want to look at:

Location of help tabs

(If you click on the images above you can see a larger versions.)

Pressing the help drop-down a second time will close it.

Hopefully that will get you started…please don’t hesitate to use the contact form below if you have any other questions, run into trouble, etcetera.

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