Review of “Greener Grass Conspiracy”

The Greener Grass ConspiracyAbout a month back a tweet came through offering to send a copy of The Greener Grass Conspiracy to the first 100 bloggers who would agree to review it by April 30. I’m a big fan of Crossway‘s efforts, so I put my name in the hat for Stephen Altrogge’s most recent book.

Unlike any lottery ticket I’ve purchased, I was lucky enough to have my name selected, and I received the book around a week ago.  Good news is that it’s only 139 pages, so hitting the 4/30 deadline was doable. 🙂

Before I actually review the publication, I need to explain how I mentally approach critiquing any form of media. It’s probably easiest to explain with music.

I am not a big fan of rap music.  I may own, at most, a dozen rap CDs (and my favorite rap song, “Epic” by Faith No More, is more hard rock than rap).  However, I can appreciate the talent it takes to put together a truly talented rap song, especially one that has meaningful content.  My general distaste for the genre would make it easy for me to dis most rap CDs, but if I was ever asked to review one I would do it based on characteristics other than style (and recognize that I cannot appreciate, and thus comment, on the genre as well as a regular, avid consumer of rap). Continue reading Review of “Greener Grass Conspiracy”