“Sing, Sing a Song”

Children singingKaren Carpenter

Is there anybody else who, when they hear a song from a certain group or artist…no matter how much they enjoy it…cannot help but feel some sadness because of what happened to someone involved with the tune?

For me, this is true when I hear a Carpenters hit. Are you familiar with that brother-sister group, Richard and Karen Carpenter? Anyone know why I feel a little depression when I hear their music?

That’s right…Karen’s life was cut way too short. She was only 32 when heart failure took her away from us. However, the underlying reason for her death was anorexia…something she apparently battled from her teenage years thanks to being called “chubby.”1

Based on that last bit of info, I could do a sermon about what how we should control our words…for instance:

29 Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear (Ephesians 4:29)

Do you think that those who called teenage Karen “chubby” were building her up, had words fitting words for the occasion, or were giving grace to those who hear?

Grace to Karen? Continue reading “Sing, Sing a Song”

51 (“I’m Okay”)

Strasburg water towerAs my day winds down and Augie, snuggling beside me, sings, “I’m okay”…I am reminded just how blessed I have been during my 51 years.

And just how blessed I still am.

CloudsOn this birthday, I am not as thoughtful as some. 2015 has provided some fairly high levels of stress, and that continues in some areas. A contributor to the stress is my lack of self-confidence…I hate to disappoint (and mentally it is easy for me to assume I have). That’s why, heading to and from this year’s American Heart Association’s Heart Walk, a song I don’t remember ever hearing before from Styx was especially heartening. Just happens to be the song Augie was just singing, “I’m Okay.” 🙂 Continue reading 51 (“I’m Okay”)