Evil Walks

Skull with red eyes


Who remembers the album that caused the Australian group, AC/DC, to finally explode in America?

That’s right…”Back in Black.”

I remember it because I was a normal rock-and-roll loving, 16 year-old teenager when it came out. Nothing like it ever was released before and, I would argue, nothing equal has come out since…even from AC/DC.

Now, does anyone remember what the next new studio album from AC/DC was after that?

“For Those About to Rock.”

As a rock release, it is near as good as its predecessor…and it has a song that came to mind when the subject of this sermon came to me. The tune is “Evil Walks” and its chorus is:

Evil walks behind you

Evil sleeps beside you

Evil talks arouse you

Evil walks behind you

Two recent incidents have reminded me of how true the overall thought behind those verses is…which is that we are surrounded by evil.

A Trial and a Massacre

A Trial

The first incident actually happened back in May of 2017…but intersected my life when I was chosen for jury duty last month.

On May 20, 2017, a man in his late 40s, who had desired an intimate relationship with a 20 year-old woman (who he first met when she was 15), snapped after running some errands with her. It started with him getting angry when she wouldn’t tell him who she was texting…and he threw her smartphone out of her car window. Continue reading Evil Walks

It Is Wrong. Full Stop.

Pistol with french flag pattern in handThere are times when the word “but” should never occur in a sentence. One of them is when apologizing. Just apologize. Don’t say, “I’m sorry, but…”

Well, unless you really aren’t apologizing.

Another time to not use the word “but” is when someone murders someone else. For instance, say, when radical Islamist terrorists kill 12 people at a satirical French magazine.

It is wrong. Full stop.

I do not believe in needlessly offending anyone—I am a Romans 12:18 kind of guy. But, whenever I think of this horrendous act I don’t care what they did or said or ate for breakfast.

It is wrong. Full stop. Continue reading It Is Wrong. Full Stop.