Engaging Alan

Alan Fahrner

Alan Fahrner with a Red Sox hat on backwards

Although Alan preaches most Sundays at the Strasburg Church of Christ, he is available to speakĀ upon request if it intersects well with his existing ministerial duties.


Alan Fahrner preachingFrom a qualifications perspective, the Lord used the Antrim Church of Christ to call him to a full pastoral ministry (including preaching) and he has a degree in religion from Liberty University. Feel free to visit his on-line resume. Other ways to learn about Alan:

Well, pretty much surf around Traditores.org and you’ll know if you want him standing in your pulpit or not. šŸ™‚

Short version of Alan’s beliefs? Always point people to the Bible and the One who saved us by His blood. He’s definitely a 5 Solas person.


Cost? Alan always has been an always intents to be a volunteer preacher and/or minister. If a location is distant, he may request to be reimbursed for expenses. Although Alan has no problem with churches paying pastors, he prefers “freely received, freely give” (see Matthew 10:8).

Contacting Alan

The best way to contact Alan for a pastoral, preaching, Bible study, or writing engagement is either through our contact us page or by calling him on his personal cell phone (603 540-9962).

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