Church in snow

God’s Will (2017 Wraps Up)

Church in snowRight after the 2016-2017 school year started, the Strasburg Church of Christ opened its doors. It has been a blessing, at least to me.

The congregation has remained pretty steady at three to five families (depending on how you count), although not all the same ones from the beginning.

Today, however, was just this minister, his family, along with one of the girls we bring to church each week. That is, the last Sunday of 2017 basically was unattended.

I am not one to read omens, but I do wonder…is the Strasburg Church of Christ something God wanted, or something this guy who likes to preach for the Lord desired? (Not that they are mutually exclusive.)

Please pray for our little church and what its future is meant to be, if anything.

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Alan is an ordinary guy, living in a small, high plains Colorado town...and humbled to be a minister of God...

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