Privacy Isn’t Just for Criminals

“If you’ve got nothing to hide, then…”

Isn’t that a popular refrain as authorities¬†continue to incrementally invade our privacy?

This is not a political blog; it is a religious one. However, government spying has real-world implications to believers around the world. In many places it is impossible to show your unapproved faith in public (or at least dangerous to), so as nations progressively blur the line between public and private it is sure to increase religious persecution.

So, today I got into a waiting line for ProtonMail, which allows users to e-mail each other in the most secure way possible (and for free). Although it should be noted that nothing is perfectly secure, kudos to those trying to keep private…well…private.

ProtonMail Logo

You can sign up for ProtonMail here and donate to their Indiegogo campaign for ProtonMail here. I did both.

Oh, and you can always pray for ProtonMail and innocent people around the world who need the service more than we do. I will do both.

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