“Triumph of the Vulgarians”

A valuable article on the mainstreaming of vulgar language from Jonah Goldberg. Christians (including pastors) are also guilty of helping make obscene speech the norm and acceptable. Shame on us.

(And, with all due respect to those who disagree, Christians who claim foul language is okay are choosing to ignore and or misinterpret ample biblical evidence to the contrary.)

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One thought on ““Triumph of the Vulgarians””

  1. I agree. I had a “discussion” with some in-law relatives on time. They insisted foul language was the norm and that there was no reason to fight it. I was dumbfounded. They and others claim that it just happens and people can’t stop it. I beg to differ. If you were to meet the President or the Queen of England you can bet your boots no one would be swearing, except maybe Joe Biden.

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