I am thankful for…

PilgrimsI am thankful…

  • For a forgiving Lord who has promised an eternity with Him for those who believe (which came at such great cost to the Godhead).
  • For an awesome family: my beautiful and undeserved wife Michelle, two tremendous girls April and Jennifer, and two incredible sons Michael and Augie.
  • For the body of Christ all over the globe, especially the ones back home at the Antrim Church of Christ (that I miss so greatly).
  • For friends who have been there in good times and bad, and who have stuck by me at times when I wasn’t the friend I should have been.
  • For a job with a company (Kaiser Permanente) that honestly and emphatically cares about its members and personnel (and for a position leading a department with great employees).
  • For a nation where we can still live and worship (mostly) freely.
  • For the myriad other blessings from the Most High, whether I realize them or not.


For you…my blog reader…or sermon listener…or Facebook friend…or Twitter follower…or LinkedIn connection. Happy Thanksgiving: May the One we all should be thanking make this the best holiday ever for you and yours.

P.S. And, I suppose, being that I have specifically named the non-profit I work for, I should note that all thoughts that I post on this blog (and elsewhere on the Internet for that matter) are mine and mine alone.  Don’t blame Kaiser 🙂

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