Something that Probably Won’t Surprise Most Men (or Women)

One man showing another man a centerfoldHere's something that probably won't surprise most men (or women)…

"Brain scans find porn addiction"

COMPULSIVE users of pornography show the same signs of addiction in their brain activity as alcoholics or drug addicts, a study has revealed.

In the first research of its kind, scans showed that a central portion of the brain which is stimulated in drug or alcohol addicts also "lit up" when compulsive pornography users watched explicit material. There was no such effect in the brains of people who were not habitual users of porn.

Of course, addiction or not…it's still a sin and you should not view it. Always avoid it like the plague!

To my fellow men, here's a tremendous talk about how pornography works into our minds or lives by Monte Cox from the 2008 Ganderbrook Men's retreat:

Trust me…listen to the whole thing…and you'll understand I suggested it.

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