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“If the Devil had to invent a game, it would be this one”

Boy with game controllerIf you take the time to read (or listen) to my sermon from today, "Ya Got Trouble," then you'll agree that this article from August 31 (that I only saw today) is fitting:

"If the Devil had to invent a game, it would be this one"

It starts off like this:

If the Devil had his own bible, it would probably take the form of a computer game. It would be sly and witty, enjoyable and slick. It would start with small, almost funny misdeeds.

It would offer the player the joys of money, successful violence and easy, responsibility-free sex. There would be drugs which didn’t fry your brain or burn holes in your nose.

You would be made to feel brave, while not actually needing to be. None of your pleasures would be paid for in coin, pain or grief.

It's worth reading the whole thing…

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