Top 18 countries listening since January 1

Over 50 Countries Listening to Traditores Radio

It’s hard to know exactly how to properly interpret the data, but here is the top eighteen countries (by listener minutes) for Traditores Radio since January. (If you click on the image you’ll get a slightly larger version of it.)

Top 18 countries listening since January 1

I’ll put the top 100 "below the fold." Once cumulative minutes for a country (since January) get below twenty, it becomes more likely that random quick listens added up. However, I figure at least 50 countries have tuned into Traditores Radio this year. May every one of those hearts be changed by our Lord…and may they all find eternal life from the only One who can provide it.

Top 100 listening countries since January

P.S. So far in August South Korea is second behind the U.S. with 1,017 listener minutes (compared to the United States’ 2,903. (Canada is third with 362.)

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