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Is a Rubber Ducky Nativity Sacrilegious?

A few days back I shared a post about "the 42 worst nativity sets" which included a rubber ducky nativity…and today this tweet came through (via a retweet):Rubber duck tweet

The rubber duck nativity has arrived – I have warned the congregation this years crib will be different 🙂

Here's the conversation that ensued:

Rubber duck nativity twitter conversation

Me: Hmmm…not to intentionally be contentious…but couldn’t it be argued that is sacrilegious or even blasphemous?

Him: I don’t think so – it’s a great way of bringing some fun and joy and helping communicate the Wonder of Christmas to people.

Me: Again, not meant to be contentious. Would you display a rubber ducky version of the crucifixion?

Me: The son “emptied himself” to lay in a manger…a glorious act we should reverently contemplate.

Him: and we certainly do reverently contemplate in the wonderful liturgy of Christmas – its amazing and I want to share it with many

Me: Well, I can’t say I can reconcile the rubber ducky nativity and that, but I also don’t see it as black and white. And…

Me: …and if you like “unique” nativities: … 🙂 May God bless you and yours this Christmas season.

Him: thank you, and may you and yours have a happy and blessed Christmas Season

So, what are your thoughts? Is the rubber ducky nativity sacrilegious and/or blasphemous? I tend to lean toward yes, but wonder about your take…

P.S. If you click on either image you can see a larger, readable version…

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