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TruthAlthough there is still a part of me that enjoys a good verbal sparring, I greatly prefer discussion over debate. However, for a conversation to be truly objective and not subjective (e.g. "Will the sun rise tomorrow?" versus "What is the best ice cream flavor?"), there are some fundamental rules about truth I think people have to agree upon. Axioms…or "truth about truth."

  • There is truth.
    If there is no truth, then there are no objective discussions; it is all opinion. (And, cookie dough ice cream is best.)
  • Truth can be known.
    If there is truth, but there is no way of knowing it, then it is (for all intents and purposes) as if there is no truth.
  • Truth does not contradict truth.
    If truth can contradict truth, then truth cannot be known and there is no truth.
  • You do not have to be able to explain something 100% for it to be true.
    (Or, just because you cannot explain something 100% it does not mean it is not true.) There are many truths that we cannot fully explain. For instance, the sun will rise tomorrow regardless of whether you understand all the rules of physics involved.
  • You have to care.
    This one is my most recent addition. To actually have a discussion about truth, both parties have to care what the "true" answer is. In politics and religion, this is often not the case. Sadly, even though everyone is going to "give up the ghost" sometime, many don’t care about the answer to, "What happens after you die?"

Well, there is my list for now. What would you add? What would you subtract? What would you say differently?

Is it true for you? 🙂

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