Occupy Sacrilege

Sometimes it seems more than coincidental that two stories show up at the same time…and although I know it’s just happenstance, today…

“Occupy protesters use Bibles as weapons — literally”

It quotes from a SFGate article:

Police arrested four people in connection with the evening’s occupation of the empty Cathedral Hill Hotel at Van Ness Avenue and Geary Street. “Once they got inside, some of the protesters made it to the roof top and were throwing Bibles at the officers,” Manfredi said.

(Bolding from the article I am quoting from.)

The building was a closed-down hotel, and they stole the Bibles from the rooms.

That’s article #1…#2 is:

Holy vessel disappears from church housing Occupy Wall Street protesters

Thievery is bad enough:

At West Park, Rev. Brashear walked into the church for a morning service to find the 18-inch-diameter bronze basin and lid missing from the baptismal font’s 800-pound base. Holy water — straight from the River Jordan — had been poured from the missing basin insert into the base’s bowl.

But this is the real gem:

In Brooklyn, at another church housing OWS protesters, an occupier urinated on a cross, according to Rabbi Chaim Gruber, who has angrily abandoned the OWS movement.

In a letter last week to OWS obtained by The Post, the rabbi fumed, “The Park Slope church housing occupiers was desecrated when an occupier peed inside the building and the pee came into contact with a cross.”

Is anyone really surprised?

Now, there is nothing truly sacred about a Bible, or a crucifix…only the One they represent. However, disrespect is disrespect…and I have a hard time thinking that those committing the acts were 100% ignorant of the sacrilege they were committing. They are just lucky that God has a thick skin…

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