Not So “Children Stories” in the Bible

I ran into Tim Hawkin’s for the first time last night. It’s great to have another "clean" comedian I can watch and listen to. As I was working on my sermon today, this great bit came to mind. Sadly I won’t be able to work it in. 🙂

Graham Maxwell, a friend of mine (and man who I looked up to) who passed away not too long ago, said that when he was young and heard the story of Noah’s ark, he couldn’t help think of all the people who died. Once for his birthday Michelle and I gave him an old thick Christian book we found that we thought Graham would appreciate. Little did we know within it’s pages was a picture that he had long hoped to find that showed a woman and child clasping to a rock as the water was coming up around their necks…his youthful picture of the worldwide flood. (It’s the style of drawing from old with a whole bunch of lines.)

We should let our kids enjoy the short time they have for innocence, but Graham and Tim both can teach us (in their own ways) a bit about taking an adult look at the harsh truths shared with us by inspiration.

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