Whose Table?

Cup and bread for the Lord's Supper

Now…if you are like me and get great comfort from routine…at this point you are a bit uncomfortable because I got Winslow to change up the order of the service…and I’m making you all wait for the Lord’s Supper until after the sermon. However, since my talk is about that very subject, it seemed apropos to hijack the Sunday schedule so that we partake of the body and blood of Christ after we spend twenty to thirty minutes discussing it.

And I promise–next week we go back to normal! 🙂


Along with changing the order of the service, I’m going to throw off the normal flow of my sermons and give you the punch line at the beginning of this talk Not only does it allow me to gain evil enjoyment out of further throwing off my fellow consistency-loving brothers and sisters :-), you can make sure I actually do what I promise.

What you’ll learn

After we get done with a quick discussion of a few views of Communion, we’ll let the Bible show us that the Lord’s Supper:

  • Is commanded by Jesus
  • Is in remembrance of Jesus
  • Is exclusive
  • Is a sign of the New Covenant
  • Is a sign of the oneness of God’s church
  • Represents Jesus’ sacrifice
  • Must be taken worthily
  • Reminds us the Lord is a jealous God
  • Is our way of proclaiming the Lord’s death until his return
  • Given directly from Jesus Christ Himself

Of course there is more, but let’s leave it at that for today…

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