Half-Baked (Again)

God will not leave you half-baked

Re-Using a Sermon

I have an aversion to re-using sermons. I would never re-use some else’s, but…other than quoting parts of them…I have avoided re-preaching any of mine. I can only recall reusing a sermon once. It was when I was in my 20s and originally studying religion, and I got an evening call to preach the next morning…so I re-used one on the Kingdom of God.

Funny enough, the closest thing I ever did to using one of my sermons a second time was when I got a call the same morning to preach, and I quickly threw together a sermon on the Kingdom of God…my sermon notes from over a decade before long gone. It was rushed and not typed out like I did all my other sermon notes…

And the wonderful matriarch of the church, Mabel, told me it was the best sermon I had delivered up to that point. 🙂

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Passing the Point of No Return


How many here have experienced a devastating betrayal from a friend, a spouse, or a family member?

I suspect if you have spent more than a couple decades on this earth it has happened to you…and that by me causing you to think about it you immediately recalled a taste of the same pain you felt when it originally happened.

Betrayal from someone close is traumatizing. Not only can it permanently destroy your relationship with that person; it can impact your relationships with everyone else. To quote the title of a song by Ian Hunter (that I probably most know due to a version by Great White)…

Once bitten twice shy…

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Canaan, New Hampshire

I grew up in Canaan, NH…a town that was about the same size as Antrim when I lived there, but now appears to have about a thousand more people.  I still remember our address and phone number…PO Box 172 and 523-7763.  Not bad, eh?  ☺

Although Canaan also has a couple major roads running through it like Antrim does (Route 4 and Route 118)…growing up it seemed “sleepier” to me than this wonderful town.  Perhaps it’s just the difference in what we are aware of as an adult versus what we are as a child…but Canaan definitely seemed more like the middle of nowhere than Antrim does.

And although she was a registered nurse, my mom stayed at home to watch us boys in our house on Canaan Street Road (yes “Street Road”).  To earn extra cash she took up macramé–and became quite accomplished.  She even started an annual craftsman’s fair in town.  Since I was actually somewhat cute as a kid (I know, I know, very difficult to believe)–and just as extroverted–she often would leave me alone at the table because it increased sales. ☺

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Just in Case



Those who have been tortured with listening to me talk in a day-to-day setting know that I’m a bit addicted to music.  I’m sure there are plenty who have more than I do…but even without ripping every CD I own, my iPod has over 60GB of music files.  It’s not a bad addiction compared to others, but it sure drives Michelle up the wall when I start cycling through the first portion of one song after another. ☺

Favorite groups

[ Ask people who their favorite artist or band is.  Ask them who the best band or artist ever is. ]

Although I think (ignoring the message of their music) the best band ever is Led Zeppelin, my favorite group is The Cult.  However, as I thought more about the band behind the title of today’s sermon, Tesla, I’m beginning to wonder if they have become my favorite.  Perhaps not–but they are definitely near the top and far better at always releasing a good album (although, in fairness, I just don’t always enjoy some of the style choices The Cult has made as they try new sounds).

(As an aside…my favorite Christian artist is Steve Camp and my favorite Christian band is 12 Stones.  Their quality is equal to, and sometimes better, than their secular peers.)

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