Why Keep Thanking God When…?

Doctor with X-RayThere is someone on Twitter who I have grown to greatly appreciate (Evan Welcher). I feel like he and I have quite a bit in common thought-process wise, even if he is on the other side of the pond.

He is suffering through something right now that is outside my experience. His "Resplendent Bride" is fighting a cancer that once appeared defeated (only to return). Her and his faith are inspirational, and he made a comment in a recent post on Caring Bridge that seemed to put many skeptic's thoughts into words:

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If It Wasn’t for Bad Luck…

Depressed man who lost at slots

Ray Charles

Preaching back in Antrim, New Hampshire I was famous for quoting songs in my sermons…and sometimes having them be the actual inspiration for the talk.

Or perhaps it might be more accurate to say I was infamous for it 🙂

In either case, don’t worry…I’m not going to start singing up here. I already like all of you too much to do that. 🙂

However, I am going to quote the late Ray Charles, who famously…and quite soulfully…sang:

If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all.1

Do you ever feel that way? That nothing…at least nothing major…ever goes right for you?

  • That if you get mail it’s going to be a bill?
  • That if you are going to hear from your boss it is because he or she is mad at you…and you didn’t do anything wrong?
  • That if you get a call from long distance family it’s going to be to tell you someone has died, has cancer, or some other awful news?
  • That the one time you don’t watch the speedometer closely you are guaranteed to see flashing lights in your review mirror?

What else would you add to the list? How long is your list?

I suspect there are some sitting here before me who aren’t being unreasonable to feel that way. The last half-decade has been especially hard on many of us, and it seems tragedy is striking closer to home…and more often. As a church family we still mourn the recent loss of Tyler…who should be in our pews instead of in our memories. I’m sure there are others of us who are fighting a disease whose outcome isn’t yet sure. Still others may not know how they are going to pay their upcoming rent or mortgage.

In our sin-scarred world there seems to be one thing that is as sure as death and taxes:

We will suffer.

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Why, Why, Why?

Picture after hurricane

Taxi Driver

One of the benefits of traveling is meeting new people–often taxi cab drivers.  Heading back to my hotel from Busch Stadium this past Monday I was blessed by a long chat with a former Ethiopian, Eyasu Reda.

The conversation started going biblical when, after I told him how Augie was a bit of a late arrival based on my wife’s age, he noted she was like Sarah.

Michelle will be glad to know that I did confirm she wasn’t quite that old. ☺

Just before we got to the St. Louis Airport Marriott Eyasu brought up how his daughter spoke with him about Job.  She could accept the terrible things that happened to him–but what about children who haven’t done anything wrong…yet suffer horrific fates.  Why does God allow it?

Eyasu didn’t feel that he was able to answer that well.

Would you?

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