Episode 2 – Who Is Your “Midnight Man?”

Shayne LeightonWelcome

Welcome to the second episode of Traditores Higher Frequency. Here is hoping the previous week has gone well for you…

And that you are ready to dive into Scripture to take a look at this week’s topic, temptation.

But, before we do that I’d like to introduce you to someone you’ll hear now-and-then on these broadcasts. Sitting beside me is…

[ Let Augie introduce himself and banter a bit. ]

[ Ask Augie if he has ever been tempted to do something wrong…what he should do if he is tempted…etcetera. ]

Sin Is Crouching at Your Door

It’s not just young boys who are beset with temptations. For instance, the inspiration for this episode is a song by Shayne Leighton called “Midnight Man.” Its lyrics are about a woman who repeatedly has intimate relations with a male friend. One who coaxes her into falling for sexual temptation by assuring her, “It’s okay, it’ll be alright. It’s not forever, it’s only tonight.” She then repeats that mantra to herself…that it is “not forever, it’s just one night, just one night.”

Of course, “you’ll get yours, I’ll get mine” (also from the song) happens more than just one night. It’s not safe to open the door to sin even a single time. The Book of James has some strong advice about this. Let’s turn to James 1:14-15 and read it together:

14 But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. 15 Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.

Now, Shayne Leighton’s musical character was “lured and enticed by [her] own desire” and was looking for an excuse to go ahead and hop into bed with her smooth tongued friend. Her desire conceived and gave birth to sin…a sin that clearly grew…and…without God’s intervention…fully grown would bring death.

The Bible starts of with two perfect examples of how temptation grows into sin. The first is the one that got us into this mess to begin with, where Eve’s “Midnight Man” was a serpent and the temptation wasn’t sex, but a forbidden apple. Continue reading Episode 2 – Who Is Your “Midnight Man?”

“Amazing Grace” Versus “Hail Satan”

SatanYou know that you have gone too far when the Church of Satan disavows your actions:

"Classy: Pro-abortion protesters drown out 'Amazing Grace' with chants of 'Hail Satan'"

Resulting in…

"Church of Satan distances itself from pro-abortion activists chanting 'Hail Satan!' Turns out Satan is prolife"

Reality is, a spirit that would encourage someone to fight for abortions beyond 20 weeks (or, in my opinion, at any point in a pregnancy) is the same spirit that leads the Church of Satan. Still ironic the latter doesn't want to be tarnished by the former…

And When You Have Turned Again

Sermon Topics

On Wednesday I still hadn't settled on a subject for this week's sermon, and since I was hitting up Barry Duke for a potential ride to our 7:15 activities, I also figured I'd ask him if he had any suggestions for a sermon topic. Somehow in the text messages he thought I had requested one related to Satan…and so when he suggested a topic connected with the father of lies, I thought it a bit odd…but (as he and I agreed)…sometimes we don't put enough consideration into what our adversary is up to when it comes to the battles we face in life.

So…ignoring all the confusion and miscommunication that led up to it…this is Barry's sermon on Satan…although Wednesday night Barry then let me know he wasn't going to be here for it. 🙂

By the way, I humorously told him that I would say one of the Devil's minions suggested the subject :-), but after our conversation degraded to me standing up here dressed as the Saturday Night Live Church Lady…it was best to just leave it at me doing a sermon on the god of this world.

Screwtape Letters

Anybody here a fan of C.S. Lewis? Well, beyond books from the Narnia series?

Although I haven't read a ton of his stuff, my favorite Christian book outside the Bible itself his Mere Christianity. When I first read it I put those little page markers wherever I found a quote I wanted to share in the future on my blog, and by the time I was done there were so many is looked like the feathered wing of a bird. 🙂 I highly recommend it to everyone.

But, today's sermon is better suited for another one of his works titled The Screwtape Letters. It is one half of a fictional correspondence between two demons. One, Wormwood, is actively trying to lead a human to damnation, and the other his uncle, Screwtape…who pens the 31 missives with advice.

Continue reading And When You Have Turned Again