What’s in a Miracle?

Jesus healing a blind manTo Christians who struggle with some of the miracles in the Bible in light of the supposed scientific (and experiential) evidence, do you believe in any miracles?

Even a single one the Bible records?

If you accept the most simple miracle that breaks a physical law…that is “supernatural”…then why do you feel a need to explain away (or reject) any other miracle in the Bible, no matter how incredible it is?

You’ve already said you accept that God can do something outside the “natural” restrictions of time and space. Being consistent, then you shouldn’t, without clear evidence to the contrary, assume there are limits to His supernatural powers.

It is really an “all or nothing” situation. You either accept every miracle the Bible mentions could (or, I would suggest, did) happen or don’t accept any of them.

If you don’t accept any of them, you aren’t a Christian.

If you accept a single biblical miracle, but don’t accept the possibility of one or more of the others, at best you are logically inconsistent and…depending on why you reject them…you may not be a Christian.

A God who can do the most simple miracle can do the most incredible miracle. Trust Scripture. Trust Him.