(Thoughts from Friday, October 7, 2011.)

I'm not a very emotional person. If anything, sometimes I feel guilty because I don't have the same strong reaction to negative occurrences as many in the same (or similar) situations. While others can be devastated by an event, I can seem emotionally oblivious. This works out well in stressful work situations, but can appear odd in personal ones. It can look like I don't care (or at least care enough). Pragmatism doesn't communicate concern.

Now, that doesn't mean I never cry or that I am stoic, but as a whole things can be pretty bad and day-to-day I can "suck it up" (or at least keep my mind off it). There are a couple areas where I can't quite turn off my emotions…and one of them is disappointment. I suspect even there my reactions are muted compared to the average population, but when my expectations aren't met I can get disappointed…and that disappointment can lead to depression. Nothing terrible…but it can sap all ambition for a period of time. [Read more…]