Washed in the Blood of the Lamb

When I was in England I got to…

  • Meet with a client at the Tower of London
  • See Big Ben
  • Ride in one of their funky taxis with the lead singer of the Toadies (a really nice guy)
  • Have a conversation on the Tube with a drunk Irishman (also a really nice guy, but more of a wild-card to talk to ☺)
  • And many other things…

I also learned the origin of a couple of common sayings…

One for the road came from people being given a beer before being beheaded

On the wagon came from when a prisoner had completed a pub-crawl of sorts, and now had to get on the wagon to be carted to his hanging

When meanings change

How many times have you heard those expressions? Did you ever connect them with someone being whacked?

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