Don’t Bring Your Sadness Down on Me, Peace Is Free


Isn't there is a universal longing for that elusive condition?

Yes, there are those who relish constant turmoil, but I like to think that they are the minority. As a whole, don't we all want peace, whether it be between nations, between individuals, or in our own hearts?

This talk will focus on the last one…although the three levels are intertwined. It would be difficult to believe if all 7 billion of us humans had inner peace there would be university students rioting when their football coach was fired (for doing too little when informed child rape), or that a nation would be rushing to develop a nuclear weapon while at the same time hoping to wipe the only Jewish nation off the map.

And perhaps it is stories like that which are the best indicators of just how how tumultuous the seas or our hearts are…how unpeaceful our souls are. As I was typing this portion I went to The Drudge Report and here is a selection of some of the links I found there:

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