Pondering With Mary

A Bible, quill, and a picture of Mary and a young Jesus

“Dan, we’ll wait for you…”

I think most parents have moments where their child makes them proud—where their youngster’s act or accomplishment confirms the thing that every other parent should realize—that there kid is the absolute greatest. 🙂

And I have been blessed by God with four awesome children including what was a surprise addition to our family, Augie, who is now six years old.

Every Saturday morning, usually around 9:00, Augie and I head to a local Burger King with the ever-so-important play area and have breakfast. If you’ve ever had Burger King’s hash browns properly smothered in ketchup you’ll understand why. 🙂

(Although for those listening in Antrim, New Hampshire…we’d really still prefer to go to T-Bird.)

After we are done eating, more often then not we head into the play area. Augie especially enjoys his time in it when there are other kids…needless to say dad is a bit too big to join him. 🙂

Well, a few weeks back he was playing with a girl a couple years junior to him when another child, not sure exactly what his name was…perhaps Dan…came into the room and raced over the the play area. The boy’s dad quickly spoke up, “Dan, aren’t you going to take your shoes off first?”

Next thing I hear Augie say to the little girl, “We should wait for Dan” followed by him turning toward the shoe rack and saying, “Dan, we’ll wait for you.”

After which they both sat down and…well…waited for Dan.

You could say that I “treasured up” Augie’s words and action…and that I “pondered them in [my] heart.”

Wouldn’t you? If you are a parent, what have your kids done that you were similarly both proud and amazed by?

I’ll be telling that story about Augie the rest of his life. And considering what age does to memory, my friends may hear it a myriad times. 🙂

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Yes, Virginia, There Is a Virgin Mary

Pregnancy Tests

I still fondly remember the night, about five years ago, when I went to brush my teeth for bed and Michelle said to me, "What would you say if I told you I thought I might be pregnant?"

I responded, "I'd say, ‘Why do you think that?'"

Without the forcing you to hear the rest of that story again, the punch line is that the awesome news was that she was, indeed, pregnant, and the following August Augie arrived.

The news of his pending arrival, however, was a surprise to both Michelle and me. Again…without forcing you to hear the story of why…we really had no reason to believe Michelle could get pregnant.

And we are definitely not the first…and won't be the last…parents-to-be to receive unexpected news of a nascent human whose arrival date is in less than nine months.

Perhaps a few men and women sitting before me have had a similar experience? 🙂

Positive pregnancy tests have led to myriad joyful and anxious surprises, haven't they?

Reason for Complete Astonishment

Which leads us to joining the Nativity Story at the point when the cast on stage is a young woman and an angel. Let's turn to Luke 1:26-33:

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