Heaven…I’m In Heaven

The Palazzo Las Vegas

If you preach quite a bit or write bulletin articles, one of the best inspirations for topics are things posted by those you have friended or have followed. I'm not saying that they are a better source of wisdom than the Bible itself—quite the opposite. However, it's amazing how a quick social-media blurb can quickly point you to Scripture for further research.

In this case, a couple weeks back a former coworker of mine checked into The Palazzo Las Vegas and posted this:

Heaven...I'm in Heaven Facebook Post

":)) Heaven… I'm in heaven" with a little heart at the end.

Well, I thought about it a bit…is The Palazzo Las Vegas really heaven? Checking out their web site, it does seem like they have a lot to commend themselves:

  • Based on the pictures the rooms seem opulent
  • There is plenty of entertainment with the Blue Man Show, Phantom of the Opera, Tim Allen, Frank Caliendo [cal-ee-end-o], Robert Davi, David Spade, Rita Rudner, and Joan Rivers. (Of course, if they had Celine Dion then she'd know she was checking into the opposite of heaven.)
  • They list 16 "fine dining" restaurants and 20 "casual dining"…along with in-suite and poolside options. Being someone who obviously likes food (based on my BMI), that does count for a lot…although I can't see how any location could really be heaven without a Del Taco. 🙂
  • They have two nightclubs and ten lounges.
  • And if that isn't enough they have Bags to Go, a pool deck, Azure Pool, gondola rides, the Canyon Ranch Spaclub, a floral shop, a bunch of shopping, Madame Tussauds, Golf, and Pink Jeep and Maverick sightseeing tours.
  • Oh, and let's not forget…gambling!!!

Quite impressive…and clearly heaven to my Facebook friend.

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No More Tears


During times like these…

During times like these…when the loss of a couple saints is so fresh in our minds…it is good to slow down a bit…put this world behind us…and think beyond the limits of what we can see…even with the most powerful telescope.

So, let’s leave this earth and take a look at heaven. Considering (per John MacArthur in his book titled Heaven) “the Bible refers to heaven approximately 550 times” it would seem a pretty a valuable excursion to take, wouldn’t it?

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