Interpreting Away the Great Comission

Intricate cross blocked by hand with German flag colorsI read a truly disturbing article last night:

“Why German Protestants Will Stop Converting Muslims”

Basically, a draft document for the Protestant Church in Germany nixes the idea of evangelizing Muslims:

The Church does not only categorically rejects the conversion of reform-minded Muslims but outright dismisses all missionary work directed at Muslims.

There is so much wrong in the article you should read the whole thing yourself, but here is the explantion of why the Great Comission (Matthew 28:16-20) doesn’t apply the same way it did the last two millenia: Continue reading Interpreting Away the Great Comission

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Boy with his hand raisedOne of the reasons I like being around young children is because their excitement is infectious—even when it is about inconsequential or mundane things. Michelle and I have been blessed by the fact that Augie is especially able to appreciate life's ordinary occurrences. There is no school day where he isn't thrilled to hear the words, "The bus is here" or where an evening meal of noodles doesn't excite him. While the rest of the world is trying to find the next best thing, Augie is enjoying life's smallest and most repetitive events. I will miss when his little-boy, heartfelt "Fanks" disappears, but I suspect it'll be replaced by a grown man's "Thanks"; somehow I can't imagine the contagious glow that permeates his being will ever disappear. Continue reading Pick Me! Pick Me!

Harvest Laborers

Harvest field

We are in the final day of Home & Harvest Festival here in Antrim…and it seemed appropriate that today’s sermon’s topic sprout from that. For whatever reason, “home” never seemed like the obvious choice–“harvest” did. I suppose that makes sense; for instance, the t-shirts Rick had printed up don’t have a picture of of a home on them, do they? Nope…it’s a combination of a skateboarder in the center and wheat on the side (and some veggies on the bottom). (For those listening to or reading this sermon at a distance, we have a sanctioned skateboarding competition over the weekend…thus the skateboarder.)

So, harvest it is! What comes to your mind when you think of “harvest?” A lot of it depends on how we’ve grown up and where we have lived–for all I know some of you have actually been farmers. For me, it reminds me of Tenney Farm…site of last night’s great fireworks (which I could hear 5 miles away–Dad had Augie duty and mom attended with Gerry)…and of Eric Tenney…one of my favorite people in our small town and the epitome, for me, of a New England farmer. Well, he doesn’t have an thick “ay-yuh” accent though. ☺

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