A Christian Voter’s Guide

VoteThere are a good number of individuals who will find great discomfort in the title of this article. If you are a non-Christian…it may elicit fears of fundamentalists trying to elect their confederates so as to…in a nefarious conspiracy…change America into a Taliban-style Christian theocracy! Even if you are a believer, the title may be unsettling because throughout the ages the gospel has suffered at the hands of unholy amalgamations of religious and secular authority. A strong argument could be made that followers of The Way should be apolitical so as to avoid the leaven that ruins the whole loaf.

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God Relenting of Good

American flag with church and cross

Is America a Christian Nation?

Is America a Christian nation?

This past Monday and Tuesday I attended a conference of ministers put on by the New Hampshire Renewal Project–and I’m pretty sure you’d find the vast majority of those attending that gathering would wholeheartedly say, “Yes!” to that question.

How would you answer it?

How would you define it?  (“It” being “Christian nation.”)

For instance, to be a Christian nation would the Bible need to prophesy about us?  Some people are convinced in Scripture’s symbolism they can find our great union.  I would argue that someone really wanting to can pretty much find anything they want in the imagery of Daniel and Revelation…or elsewhere like Ezekiel 38 with “merchants of Tarshish with all it’s villages” (Ezekiel 38:13, NASB).  However, I think that we can all agree that (a) being spoken of in the Bible could mean quite opposite of being a Christian nation (they might be words “vessels of wrath prepared for destruction”–Romans 9:22) and (b) that if somehow the U.S. Is mentioned, it’s clearly not in the same sense of Israel–where God called, redeemed, and ruled that nation.

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