Okay, I Stipulate God Is an Alien

To my atheist readers and friends, the article below will come off a bit snarky, but I actually respect your skepticism and penned it the way I have to prompt dialogue, not insult your laudable aversion to blind faith.

Alien with haloIt seems to me that atheists (and others) can hold I am someone who has blind faith in fairy tales since I believe in God, but (at the same time) they can provide far-fetched explanations for the inexplicable and it’s okay. Can’t explain why this universe is so perfectly designed for life? Posit a zillion universes out there with ours just happening to be one with conducive conditions. Can’t explain where the Big Bang came from? Just, ironically, take all our physical laws out of the picture as Steven Hawking did:

At this time, the Big Bang, all the matter in the universe, would have been on top of itself. The density would have been infinite. It would have been what is called, a singularity. At a singularity, all the laws of physics would have broken down. This means that the state of the universe, after the Big Bang, will not depend on anything that may have happened before, because the deterministic laws that govern the universe will break down in the Big Bang.

You can pretty much propose anything and still look down on people who believe in the supernatural…

Because science.

Now a rough segue…but I promise it’ll all be connected before we are done. 🙂 Continue reading Okay, I Stipulate God Is an Alien


[This was written by my son, Michael, for an English class assignment during his senior year in high school.]

I want to make a deal with you, the reader, before you read any of this paper. I want you to agree to keep an open mind while reading this. Assume that I have a chance of being right, that we are on common ground, and that, control your gasp, there might be more than science, and that science might be wrong! If you are ready to agree to this, keep reading. If not, stop now and walk away; don't waste your time.

My primary goal is to persuade you to believe. It doesn't matter what you believe in; I want you to believe. My secondary goal is to persuade you to believe in Christianity.

I will attempt to do this without quoting the Bible. It is hard not to, and some might say I need to, but I will try not for those who chose not to accept the bible as evidence. Continue reading Religion