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Man asking for donationsTraditores’ services and resources will always be free (and we will never ask for donations), but we’ve learned from another non-profit that Alan volunteers for that you should at least allow people the option to donate money if they want.

Traditores is not a non-profit, so donations are not tax-deductible. You should consider anything you give a gift to cover expenses or allow Traditores to expand its ministry. Please be assured that your donation will only be used for Traditores, Traditores Radio, and any associated resources Traditores provides (e.g. the Traditores In-One-Year WordPress plugin).

Please also note that Traditores, for all intents and purposes, is just Alan Fahrner. So, you are basically giving Alan a gift with the understanding he’ll use it to offset his Traditores expenses. The Lord has blessed Alan with a job where he can cover Traditores’ present expenses, so please feel free to donate elsewhere where the need is greater.

Donations are handled through Alan’s Consulting and Services PayPal account.

In case you would like to point your gift to a specific location, here are the options:


For any expense connected with Traditores.


Traditores Radio

For Traditores Radio, the good news about Jesus Christ around the clock and around the globe via Internet radio.


Traditores In-One-Year

For any Traditores expense, but as a sign of appreciate for the WordPress plugin, Traditores In-One-Year.


Short URL

Want to share a short URL of this donation page? will work.

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