Traditores Radio’s Best Day Yet

I realize this may seem sad to people with "real" radio stations (or successful Internet ones)…but I’m pretty excited that yesterday was Traditores Radio’s best day for listenership ever:

Traditores Radio Stats for January 26, 2012

Praise God for even a single person who listens to the gospel for a single minute!

Please also be sure to start sharing our new simple URLs for Traditores Radio, (for the main page) and (for a basic player that is also smart phone friendly).

P.S. And overall things are lookin’ really up!:

Traditores Radio in the Windows Media Guide (Internet Radio)!

We are proud to announce that Traditores Radio is now listed in the Windows Media Guide under Internet Radio. We are one of only thirty-six stations in the "Religious" category. (Right now we are the last station on the second page. Please be forewarned the listen link will likely only work in a Microsoft set-up…for instance, it failed in Safari on a Mac.)

Getting listed was actually was a fairly involved process (required a fully executed license agreement and more), but the Microsoft folks in their licensing and media guide/radio areas couldn’t have been more responsive, more helpful, or nicer.

Windows Media Guide

Thank you Microsoft from and Traditores Radio!