Jesus Wept

Bekah Warren with friends


Although I knew Bekah had touched so many people the Great Brook gym would be full, I am still awed by the love that is so obvious in such a large crowd–as I am sure her family is too.

I am also glad to see that so many of you are starting to develop Bekah’s fashion sense–although I fear that most of you are doomed, like me, to never be able to quite pull it off like she did.

At least we can remember her by making a genuine attempt to “dress like Bekah”…and by appreciating the few who actually succeed. ☺


Linda’s Wish

After I had chosen the topic for my talk, Bekah’s mother, Linda, asked me to share one thing with all of you. I am going to do so in a bit of a round-about way.

In times like these there are many natural reactions–shock, depression, anger, heartbreak–the list could go on–and none are right or wrong; they just “are.” We all grieve in our own ways, often by going from one extreme emotion to another.

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Larry’s Wish

Larry at a Red Sox game

Up to Now

We are now coming close to our celebration of the life of Larry Warren–and whether we have recognized it or not, every part of this service has been a gift from Larry to us.

The songs have been some of Larry’s favorites.

The scriptures have reflected Larry’s faith.

The poems have described the impact he has had on all of us.

The voices we have heard have been of his children, his father, and his friends.

All brought together by the love of one man–rather, the love from one man…

Lawrence Thomas Warren

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