Hateful, Horrible, or…?

I had an interesting interaction with Penn Jillette this afternoon. Thoughts about our Twitter dialogue? Is he right, am I right, or are we both wrong?

In case the tweets don’t come through, here are the text of each:


What the Psychic Showed Me – The New York Times

I could only skim this it an d it still broke my heart. Hateful. http://t.co/Zzbi6NUOA3


@pennjillette It concerns me too (probably for some of the same and some different reasons). Why do you find it hateful though?


@AlanCult Altering memories of a loved one and thinking your lies are helping seems the definition of hate to me.


@pennjillette Thanks. I don’t know if I would call it hate, but I do think it’s horrible. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

Oh…and then I tweeted on more thing:

@pennjillette You and I definitely have different worldview, but I respect your consistency and have learned quite a bit from you. Thanks.

Ugh…forgot to put an ‘s’ on worldview… 🙂

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