Evolution Vs. God

I think every Christian, well at least every one who speaks English :-), should see this video.

I am usually not impressed when Christian ministries claim they have disproven some secular view (or have proven some supernatural one). They are "preaching to the choir" with me, but that doesn't mean their arguments don't usually have gaping holes.

And, I am not going to claim that this video disproves evolution, but it does a great job of showing that a belief in evolution requires faith (and that means it does not meet scientific rigor). Kudos to Living Waters.


Please take time visit the Evolution vs. God site.

P.S. Of course, just because evolution requires faith does not mean it is false. Otherwise, Christianity would be false too. πŸ™‚

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  1. I thought this capsulized the video fairly accurately.

    • Thanks for the comment Phil.

      I’ll give you that Ray didn’t disprove evolution, but he also showed that, based on normal scientific standards, evolution is not proved either.

      That doesn’t mean it is false. I would be personally satisfied with everyone being willing to discuss the holes of any theory…something that generally isn’t possible in a "battle."

      Thanks again Phil.

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